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Having initially gotten degrees in both Psychology and Computer Science, I have spent many enjoyable years within the Telecommunications arena and traveling the world...and now finding myself chasing my passion within the arts.

Photography has always been a very keen and interesting area for me. I first started using a very basic camera and doing my own negative and print developing as a teenager. My more professional expansion has grown over many years of enjoying this great craft.

Started Pottery and Stained Glass back in 2009 and did fairly well with both. However I had to curtail both ventures due to moving and giving up the Barn-studio which I so enjoyed while living in Maryland.

Glassblowing has turned out to be my true love and passion. First started at TheArtOfFire in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 2008. I then took a break away from this art and jumped back in after moving to New Bern, NC. Was very fortunate to discover TheGlastation in Farmville NC (supported by both ECU and PCC) which has resparked and lit a pretty hot fire for me ever since.

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